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• 12/8/2017

Magic Theory

This discussion is about attributes and features of the magic system.
It includes questions of existance for features and attributes as well as theories about the systems that have not been explained yet in the story.
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• 12/8/2017
The first thing I would like to ask is whether there exist spell pattern that check conditions and change the spell effects according to them, i.e. if then else from programming.

Also i would like to know if this is the right place for such questions^^
• 12/8/2017
To clarify I mean a pattern that only has this function.
The magic system could do perfectly fine without it, if it just incorporates such functions into other patterns as it is needed.

For example the spell pattern that checks a triggerspell has such a thing included that says "if you see this pattern do something", but my question is if that if is a pattern of its own or if it is included in the pattern check.
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