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Aethernea Wiki is a database for Cloe D. Frost's Aethernea fantasy novel and podcast, that anyone can edit. Aethernea is a fantasy/mystery/adventure web novel series taking place in the magical world of Halnea.

It is currently a new Wikia page and needs to be filled up with information. Please see this page for basic information on how to contribute. You can also see a list of pages that need to be added to the wiki. Significant wikia progress will be rewarded by extra Aethernea chapters.

Progress towards a bonus chapter: 68% complete 


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Main Characters Kiel RrodaElaru Wayvin
Supporting Characters Nelaira HelyotZerel ReysicWade WayvinDusk RoseVenric RrodaRhur RrodaDeora ThaynArion UrwinGoddas
Nobles Eruan AriteIcya AriteZor AriteRyate ArtenSanarra ArtenGaine FarhiceDeora ThaynArcor ThaynReena ThaynVenric RrodaAlaric RrodaKiel RrodaRhur RrodaIxos EryeyRau EryeyKelleth EtezzaZaal EtezzaNelaira HelyotZerel Reysic
Muni Staff Eruan AriteIcya AriteDeora ThaynNelaira HelyotZerel ReysicAhon TonraiKady AilertRau EryeyArcor ThaynRyate ArtenKelleth EtezzaEshin Arrat
Ancestors Aegis AriteAlann FarhiceLuvia Arite
Minor Characters Nalen TalathLawrenceClarencePialaPixyMiraDneth
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World Info
Races ArgelElibuAscended
Largest Cities Aelesia (Fate City)Ashar (Quest City)D'Arca (Cloud City)Malia (Arena City)Zelaih (Capital City)
Noble Families AriteArtenCardyalEenevaEryeyEtezzaFarhiceGilwynHelyotKillianReysicRrodaRuyleTanyerThayn
Guilds & Organizations Chamber of CommerceCrafter's UnionD.I.Lifeblood LeagueMonster AlliancePeacekeepersThe PurgeTemple of FateWarlord Hall
Professions / Occupations Airbalt PlayerAlchemistArrayistArtificerDuplicatorEnchanterEngineerHealerHerbalistSpell BreakerMana FarmerPeacekeeperPurgerQuest SeekerSealerSpellcrafterSpell ReplicatorTamerTrackerTransmuterTreasure HunterWarlock
Creatures BaffamootBloodhoundBloodmiteClucklingDragonFirebirdGugooLifeblood ButterflyLunarLupaxMana WyrmMeepNightcrawlerPechuhPhoenixPorklingQilinThunderbirdTiwiTrackogVulpyWaterbirdXelionZisskZuzel
Plants Burrowing WindrootBurselpineDusk RoseKeranyl TreeRazorbloodSparkb(l)oom
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