Aethernea Wikia

The Aethernea of Sight is one of 5 publicly known Aetherneal Gifts. Hereditary special powers said to be the gifts of the gods. Aethernea of Sight enhances the wielder's ability to "see" and grants them the ability to see things they couldn't see otherwise such as the ability to see mana.

The ability to see mana is an enhancement of the mana sense every mage possesses. The ability to feel mana is something mages sense with their mind and is not related to the eyes (as an organ). Aethernea of Sight's ability to see mana is also granted by the mind and as such, wielders of Aethernea of Sight are able to see mana all around them at all times, even when they have their eyes closed.

Other than the ability to see mana, Aethernea of Sight also enhances the vision of the eyes to be superior even to the excellent vision of argel.

Wielders of Aethernea of Sight are easily recognizable because Aethernea of Sight causes their eyes to look "magical". The eyes appear to glow and have many animated dots of lights inside them, similar to a star-filled night sky.

Other than the mentioned abilities, it is unknown if there are other special powers granted to the wielder of Aethernea of Sight.


Elaru Wayvin - confirmed

Mageheart - suspected