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Argel [Argh - el] is an original race that exists in the world of Halnea similar to humans.

Racial Traits[]

  • Have round ears like humans
  • Most of them have two colored hair. It usually manifests with a main color and a few different colored patches of hair.
  • Diamond shaped pupil and sometimes they have an extra black ring around it.
  • Their eyes have excellent sight. They can see well in the dark and have a capability to "zoom in" on distant targets.
  • Their muscles are more defined than those of elibu. They tend to be more athletic, faster, sturdier, stronger, tougher. 
  • They are less sensitive to physical pain which can allow them to perform better in situations where they are injured
  • Possess augmentation mana type which allows them to cast only augmentation magic.

Known Argels[]