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The Ashar University of Magic, commonly referred to as Muni is located in Ashar, Halnea. The main protagonists Kiel Rroda and Elaru Wayvin aspire to go there. In order to be enroll in Muni, student candidates must pass the entrance exams.

Muni was a research institution with more staffs than students which made incredible discoveries in the knowledge of magic each year. All the professors in Muni are considered master of their own field of magic which allowed students to learn the most than anywhere else in Halnea. It also had the best library containing the most knowledge of magic than anywhere else.

Muni Entrance Exams[]

Muni is known as the most prestigious University of Magic because of their entrance exam are the hardest in Halnea. Examinees needed to be tested on the following nine areas and they are award points on a scale from 0 to 25 (Horrid to Exceptional)

  • Mana Pool Size and Mana Regenration
  • Mana Flow Speed
  • Magic Casting Speed
  • Mana weaving (a.k.a Mana Control)
  • Spell Control
  • Simultaneous Cast Count (a.k.a Multicast)
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Magic
  • Practical Usage of Magic
  • "Special"

The exam also give "special" points to students that can use secret types of magic that are not taught in school or having a genius level of talent in a specific area. There are not many examinees that ever won these points unless they are from a famous family or clan that has perfected the usage of that branch of magic. You can also possess an extraordinary rare gift to also earn special points such as "Aethernea wielder." The purpose of giving special points is to separate the genius and the gifted from the rest. The following are the list to gain "special points" in the exam.

  • "Aethernea wielder"
  • "Pure mana wielder"
  • "Possesses flawless recollection"
  • "Ingenious breaker"
  • "Spell Replicator"

The minimal amount of point to be a student candidate would be 145 points but to pass the exam, you must have at least 160 points. You must also go to Ashar University of Magic to apply for the entrance exams and fill in the paperwork for it.

The paperwork asked for general information:name, gender, race, and date of birth. It also questioned student candidates about what they would be bringing to their dorms. In episode 12, Kiel was given a question about his roommate preference. It is still a wonder why Muni being such a huge and luxurious university needed students to share rooms. Examinees could also choose a specific exam they wanted to take to collect enough points to pass the exams. The university had provided different exams for examiners to choose from to display their skill set. The following are scenarios tied to a specific profession listed in the book so far:

  • "Healing and damage control"
  • "Herbalism & Alchemy"
  • "Arts & Crafts"
  • "Engineering and Enchanting"
  • "Beast handling"
  • "Hunt"
  • "Apprehend and Rescue"
  • "Battle Royale"

After done signing up, the examinees would be given an entry number to ensure everyone get equal exam conditions and refer to them as numbers during the exam. You cannot enter the exam if you lose your entry number.