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Black Pearl is a high-class restaurant that has branches throughout Halnea. It is known for providing nobles with maximum security and privacy. Younger generation nobles often bring their dates here to enjoy their time together alone. Older generation of the nobles used this place for settling private business deals that they wanted to keep away from the public. It is a place for nobles to relax and enjoy themselves.

In episode 47, Elaru said that Black Pearl doesn't discriminate what people wear as long they can afford to dine there. Black Pearl even have a deal with the Peacemakers to not come in as they pleased. Anyone would dine there would be safe from the Peacemakers until they leave the restaurant. Guests are also able to choose a specific floor or booth to dine. They can make reservations and have companions waiting inside already and tell the waiters to bring them there.

The food of Black Pearl were well-prepared and delicious, however the food portion is smaller than the average food portion size. They hired mages that are specialized in the world of gourmets and cuisines.


  • Elaru said from experience that Kiel can drag a half dead person in blood stained rags inside Black Pearl and would still be treated as a honored guest because he is a Rroda.