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D'Arca, also known as Cloud City, is one of the five largest cities of Halnea. It is a city that Halneans consider as "modern". It is titled as "the number one city you'd want to live in".

There are many features that set D'Arca apart from other cities in Halnea, the number one feature being the fact that it is the only city which is floating in the clouds. D'Arca also has an artificially controlled weather, making it the sunniest city in Halnea.

D'Arca was established by Alann Farhice, the ancestor of the Farhice noble family, and as such is under control of the Farhice family and the Crafter's Union which is led by the Farhice family. Since the Farhice family is a family of engineers, D'Arca is the most "modernized" city in the lands of Halnea, containing many contraptions such as elevators and railcarts.

Other than the Farhice family, D'Arca is also home to the Gilwyn, Cardyal and Helyot noble families, as well as the Cloud Institute - a prestigious university specializing in teaching engineering, enchanting, crafting and architecture.