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Deora Thayn is an assistant professor at the Ashar University of Magic and a member of Thayn noble family. It is said that if he didn't have personality issues, he would have already been promoted to become the youngest full-fledged Muni professor to date.

Deora is an expert at temperature and fire-related magic and is nicknamed "Firecracker" because of his short temper and the tendency to set himself on fire.

His life at Muni is lively because Zerel Reysic likes to play pranks on him and provoke him into causing trouble. Zerel understands Deora's personality very well and is able to manipulate him expertly.

He is paired with Zerel Reysic in the first Aethernea book as an examiner for Muni entrance exams.


Deora does not have the grace and the temperament of a noble. On the contrary, he is naive, simple-minded, straight-forward, prideful and has a short temper.

He especially hates it when people call him "Firecracker" and takes it as a taboo word that can always cause him to get enraged. When he gets mad he is prone to aggressive behavior, destroying his surroundings and attacking the person who provoked him.

While rash and short-tempered, Deora does have the core values of the Thayn family embedded in his bones and has a strong sense of justice. He is never the first one to provoke or bully someone, and his aggressive behavior is always a result of someone else provoking him.

Zerel often exploits his sense of justice and propriety to control him into behaving properly. Deora Thayn is especially afraid of headmaster Eruan Arite and bringing up his name often manages to calm him down into behaving properly.

As seen in Kiel's practical exam, Deora used to be more unbridled in his teenage years, acting aggressively and arrogantly. Five years he spent in Muni helped to grow up and calm down somewhat.

Physical Appearance[]

Deora Thayn is a ginger what red spiky hair. He has a yellow clump of hair in the middle of his head that seems to defy gravity colored in same warm, honey-yellow color as his eyes.

He is said to have a baby face that conflicts with his roguish air making people unsure whether they should be afraid of him or find him cute.


He is a master of using Augmentation magic to create and manipulate flames and temperature. He is also able to create explosions.

He has a habit of setting himself on fire when he is agitated.

He has been seen using the following abilities:

  • Fireball - he can manipulate several dozen of fireballs of various sizes
  • Flame Manipulation - Deora can control the flames to create various shapes such as a wall of flames or a dome of flames
  • Heat Field - he can increase the temperature of the area around him to staggeringly high temperatures that can melt weapons and people who enter into it
  • Explosive Airball - a special ball of air made from the mix of oxygen and hydrogen that when set on fire explodes.
  • Heat Isolation - no matter how hot his surroundings get, his Heat Isolation spell is able to shield him from the flames and heat.