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Elibu [el - ee - boo] is an original race that exists in the world of Halnea similar to elves.

Racial Traits[]

Ears & Hearing[]

Elibu have long pointy ears similar to elves. Their ears have excellent hearing which can help them locate distant creatures, eavesdrop on conversations, and even have a better sense of their surroundings during battles

Elibu have bones in the base of their ears which allow them to move (or rather, rotate) the ears backwards-forwards and up-down. If it is easier for them, they can move their ears back to flatten them towards their head similarly to how human ears are positioned.

Moving the ears away from “the neutral” position and keeping them in the non-neutral position doesn’t pose any difficulty or cause discomfort. The only times when elibu willingly change the rotation of their ears are when they are trying to find a position that will make them hear something better, when they are trying to hide their ears or purely for stylistic purposes.

Other Traits[]

  • Other than their eyesight, their senses are keener when compared to argel senses
  • Their bodies are usually thinner with less pronounced muscles, however, they are more flexible which helps in elevating damage and avoiding sprains and similar types of damage.
  • Are born with unique markings on a part of their body. The color of the tattoo-like markings is usually black, but their size and shape can vary.
  • Their bodies channel mana more easily. When they reach their channeling limit, and in certain tough situations, their markings glow.
  • More sensitive to physical pain than argel, but are more mentally durable and less likely to faint from their injuries.
  • Possess transmutation mana type which allows them to cast only transmutation magic

Known Elibu[]