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"Prologue" is the first episode of the story line of Aethernea: Soulbound [Book 1]. In the first episode, Nelaira who was tainted with the Ink had the knowledge of the truth behind the Shield of Aegis and the source of Ink however she was imprison unable to expose the secret. Kiel Rroda and Elaru Wayvin were in an intense battle of Zerean Ruins that resulted the destruction of the ruins from the damage of the battle.


Nelaira knew she was dying from the Ink that was growing inside of her that tainted her mana preventing her from using magic. She was trapped inside a prison cell that had metal walls with a high mana resistance. She knew a secret that she believed must be told to a male that worked in Muni she knew so her death would not be in vain. Nelaira and the unspecified male seemed to be close with each other that the male seemed to be her strength to keep on fighting.

The secret that Nelaira knew tied in with the source of the Ink and the truth behind the Shield of Aegis. The forbidden knowledge that she held seem to be the ugly truth while everyone else in Halena seemed to be deceive by the lies told by "them." She began to plan on how to unravel the truth to the public by passing "them" and decided to act when her mind is clear again.

The story then moved on to the main protagonist named Kiel that was born as a non-mage fighting in an intense battle. Kiel was aware of the fact of how people were different from the moment they were born. Even though he was born as a non-mage, he was no longer the same person he was once before as if he was reborn.

Kiel was caught in a battle with a mage manipulating daggers with high-level magic. He was fighting alongside with a girl named Elaru. He worried about her conditions because of how reckless he knew she was,but his worries was misplaced because she hadn't suffer any damage from the battle except the few cuts on her clothes.

Kiel seemed to look at Elaru as a rival, a person he must surpass. Elaru was able to dodge the daggers with speed and precision. Kiel returned his attention back to himself as he was assured she would have no trouble with the skills she possessed. He destroyed the mana crystals by blasting high-density bolts of mana when he discovered his opponent mage was using it to empower his daggers. The daggers then changed their target to Elaru instead because she was approaching too close to the mage's safe being. She was unharmed from the thick density of her mana.

Kiel then tried out his new spell on the mage that crumbled the Zerean ruins which surprised him because he had greatly underestimated its power. He questioned himself on how he was caught up in the situation he was in right now but his answer remained the same: Elaru.