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"How It All Began" is the second episode of the storyline Aethernea: Soulbound [Book 1]. Kiel Rroda came back from a quest and deliver a package to Piala. Kiel met Elaru Wayvin that had been observing him from the past week and she offered her help to change Kiel into a first-class mage.


On 23rd of August 1449 A.W, Kiel Rroda rode on a dragon and gracefully landed in front of an orange house in Beyd. Kiel took off his flying equipment and noticed an elibu girl on a canyon that had been stalking him for days. He shrugged off but the girl caught his interest since she had been sitting on the same spot from morning to dusk.

An argel girl named Piala greeted Kiel and even tried to seduce which failed miserably because he found her annoying. However even though he disliked her, he didn't show it externally and delivered her the package requested by the quest. Both of them chatted friendly and the conservation also turned to the elibu girl who is Elaru Wayvin that had been looking at him for days. Piala suggested him to call the peacekeepers to arrest her but Kiel told her that she must have a good motive to come. Kiel quickly left her afterward.

The elibu girl on the canyon was playing with a strange crystal. Elaru seemed to spot Kiel coming toward him and asked herself the motive of him coming toward her. She did not care whether this would be her life or death call.

The sun was setting and Kiel noticed the elibu girl gone but continue to proceed to the Rroda Mansion in Beyd. He spotted a nearby presence near him but he couldn't spot anyone near him until the elibu girl spoke and approached him. Kiel asked her if she needed help but Elaru offered that she could help him become a first class mage and a student in Ashar University of Magic.