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"The Non-Mage" is the third episode of Aethernea: Soulbound [Book 1]. Elaru exposed the secret behind Kiel's inability to become a mage he had the potential to become.


Kiel Rroda could not make himself deny the fact he want to get into Muni and asked Elaru Wayvin how did she made her conclusion for helping him. She explained she observing him and also pointed out he was Rroda and the fact he loved using magic to the point he want to know everything about it. Elaru was also able to see through Kiel's mask and even knew he hated the dull life he was having.

Kiel was shocked that a stranger like her was able to see through him and the reason why he did not apply to Muni. Kiel recalled the last year he tagged along with his brother to take the entrance exam under a false name to see how challenging the exam was. His hope and dream were broken after he knew his test result. She complimented how intelligent and quick-witted he was but she then exposed the fact that he only had very little mana that ruined the rest of his talents and skills to become a great mage. He hated himself and his family being a first-class mage. He couldn't stand any longer of Elaru telling him that he was a third-class mage and ran away from her as fast as he possibly could.

He stopped until his mana and stamina are gone. Not long afterward, Elaru found him and sat next to him healing his body. She continued her previous conservation and stated how hard he worked harder than anyone else to hone his magical skill. She pointed how amazing his skills were for a mage and Kiel was scared by the fact she was able to turn his flaws into skills. He noticed how terrifying Elaru was because she could manipulate with the truth.



  • At the end of this episode, when he noticed he was the prey. He stated that it was his second time to feel such devastating hopelessness.