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"Aethernea of Sight" is the fourth episode of Aethernea: Soulbound [Book One]. This episode Kiel discovered Elaru possessed the Aethernea of Sight. She wanted Kiel to her partner for the oath that can guarantee them both to have pure mana and near limitless amount of mana. They agreed to meet each other tomorrow.


Elaru Wayvin concluded how much point Kiel Rroda would get for his current state and also finished healing him. She claimed that she met Kiel when he was training his "martial arts." She pointed how beautiful Kiel's mana looked like with shades of bright blue. He found out that Elaru possessed the Aethernea of Sight that allowed her to see mana. She told him that she wanted him not because he was from a noble family and also believed that Kiel had a lot of potential to become a great mage like a chunk of Xium.

Elaru promised that she had the power to change what Kiel could truly be and offered her hand. He realized that Elaru wanted the real him that he was hiding behind all this years. Kiel felt he could no longer pretend he did not met her before because she was the only person that wanted his true self. Elaru offered him to be her partner for an oath so he could have near limitless amount of mana and they both could use pure mana which was the Aetherneal Bond.

He suddenly grew interest of who Elaru truly was and asked her if she was an intelligence agent. She answered him that she tried being one once but dislike it because she prefer action over passive. They both decided to talk more about the oath the next day instead since it was getting late and Kiel had hardly any mana left.



  • Kiel Rroda felt a moment of deja vu when Elaru offered her hand to help him unleash his potential.