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"Calm before the storm" is the fifth episode of the story Aethernea: Soulbound [Book 1]. Kiel Rroda met with Elaru Wayvin in the outskirt of Beyd in the next morning. She signed an Oath of Truth that disabled her to lie. Kiel gave her questions concerning her identity.


Kiel Rroda grabbed his breakfast a cherry bagel and headed his way walking over to the outskirts of Beyd where he and Elaru Wayvin agreed to meet last night. He kept asking himself who she was and what she does but there was no answer to his endless questions. When he arrived at his destination, Elaru was already there waiting for him.

Before Kiel started to question her, she morphed earth stools for them to sit as they talk. Kiel believed it was unnecessary but sat down with her anyways. Elaru pulled out an arcane contract called "Oath of Truth" that disabled the signed person to be able to lie. Kiel thought he was the one signing the contract but it turned that Elaru volunteered herself to sign it.

Kiel asked Elaru who she was but Elaru answered him her name, Elaru Wayvin, and told him to be more specific with his question. His second question was asking which noble family did she belonged to but she replied to him that she was not associated with any noble family. He believed Elaru was definitely not a 'nobody' since she possessed the Aethernea of Sight and Oath of Truth. Kiel learned that she earned her items through quests that she assured him that it was legal quests.

He then asked her if she investigated him but Elaru explained it would be an invasion of privacy. Kiel found it interesting how she was concern about privacy when she stalked him for a whole week. He also found his answer how she found him so breathlessly last night. He happened to be running around for circles and Elaru only waited until he stopped with her divine sight. She was able to sense his mana as long he was near enough for her sight to detect his mana.

Kiel found himself unable to avoid her because of her divine sight could see his mana even if he wanted to hide his presence. He then questioned her range of vision of her Aethernea of Sight.