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"Deal with the Devil" is the sixth episode of the first book of Aethernea:Soulbound [Book One]. Elaru Wayvin explained to Kiel Rroda about the Aetherneal Bond that can be just activated by an argel and an elibu.


Elaru Wayvin explained her Aethernea of Sight did not came from her eyes but it was another sense for her to be able to detect mana even when she was unconscious or not. Kiel Rroda believed she was a tracker because she was able to identify spells based on their patterns. Elaru told him to hurry up before the Oath of Truth expires and warned him that she will tell him sensitive information. She showed him her markings of an elibu and explained that an ancient oath of was branded into their race and could only be activated by a trigger spell.

The trigger spell of the ancient oath could be cast by an argel that could trigger the spell inside an elibu. The ancient oath was known as the Aetherneal Bond. Kiel questioned how did Elaru knew all of the information she acquired and how come the Aetherneal Bond was not spoken to the public. She answered that mages had destroyed scrolls and carvings that describe the trigger spell after the Great Mages Wars so not many people known about the meaning behind the markings of an elibu. She was able to obtain knowledge from a noble family that used the Aetherneal bond that was the using the trigger spell for their own purpose.

Kiel realized the knowledge he just learned would danger his live if he shared it with anyone else because he knew that family do not want that knowledge to be shared. Elaru confessed that the family did not know she had such knowledge about her knowing it. She began to explain the benefits of the bond itself. It would enable her mana to supply his own mana and they both will gain the ability to use pure mana.

Kiel asked her for the catch of the spell but she answered that it was permanent. He then questioned her if there was any harm in the spell. Elaru said that there was no harm signing the oath. Kiel doubted her and the Aetherneal bond because he believed the benefits sounded too good to not have consequences.

Elaru's mana was near limitless amount and he found it unfair how she got so much when he barely have enough mana to be a sufficient mage. He also questioned why does Elaru wanted to be bound to him. He then realized that Elaru probably wanted him as partner because she knew he had potential to a great mage. He was also intelligent and a reliable partner which was some of the reasons he believed why Elaru chose him.

He loved how Elaru did not hide behind any lies and was not bothered of what other people think about her. He noticed how Elaru had a unique purity:freedom. She was able to do anything she wants and be whoever she wants. He knew she would be a reliable partner to have because she could be able to supply her with mana and she possessed amazing tracking abilities.