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Gaine Farhice is the future head of the Farhice Family and is consider as the younger generation genius of the family.

Physical Appearance[]

Gaine Farhice is a tall,pale-skinned argel that has his blonde and black hair gelled neatly to his side. In episode 49, he wear a dress shirt and a woolen sweater that look like university students. His clothes gave off a scholarly vibe and a trace of nobility. However, his clothes isn't flashy or attractive, his clothes were expensive. He wear a rectangular glasses that made his angular feature look even more sharper. His age is never specified but he didn't looked older than Kiel Rroda.


Gaine has an arrogant behavior and stiff demeanor being from such a powerful family of the Farhice. In his first appearance,he is shown to have a bad attitude and gets angry really easily perhaps because of his hatred toward the Rroda Family. His hatred stems from Rhur Rroda because of his sister was once offended by Rhur. He even hate Kiel Rroda because he reminds him too much of Rhur since Kiel and Rhur looks identical to each other. He has poor conversational skills as if he is always taking his lines from random bad guys from novels.


Rhur Rroda[]

He hated Rhur so much that his hatred turns to every single member of the Rroda family. Gaine's sister was once involved with Rhur and Rhur could had done something offensive to even cause Gaine to hate him.

Kiel Rroda[]

Their relationship was not off to a great start because Kiel's physical appearance reminds Gaine too much of Rhur so he instantly hates Kiel. Gaine disliked him even more when Kiel tried to fix their relationship but ends up backfiring him when Kiel accidentally insults his sister without knowing. At the end of Kiel and Gaine's first meeting, he challenged Kiel to a friendly contest to see who will have the higher score in the Muni entrance exam. He states that the loser has to apologize to the winner publicly.