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Goddas is a fat man that helped a Shadow named "Light" to enchant a ring for the Shadow. He was a man that fears the mysterious Shadow and even spent all of his saving on enchanting his house for protection but his saving appeared to be wasted since Light could still get in the house. He somehow owned a debt to the man which was the reason why he helped him enchant the ring. The debt was repaid when Light picked up the ring.

Physical Appearance[]

Goddas is tall but he was wider than he was tall. He had an inflated face that had no wrinkles making it hard to determine his age. He was a rich man that dressed himself with vividly colored garments, countless of jewelries. According to his attire and attitude, he is a man in his middle age, but he has a plump round face that looked like a little child.


He is a man that always have thoughts of food wherever he go. A look at his attires and garments, he seemed to be a rich man to be living at the expensive district near Ashar Public Library. Goddas seemed to be easily scared and is always screaming whenever he is scared. Because he was always fearful, he worried about his safety and even spent his savings on setting up new enchantments in his house hoping Light or any other people would not break into his house His savings was proven to be wasted when Light broke into his house easily without any effort.

He is a man that has easily get worries. When he was asked to enchant a complicated spell by Light, he lost weight just from simply worrying. Even though he always worried, his works are always flawless