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Ixos Eryey [ee-ks-uhz re-yet] is an alchemist that likes to concoct for the sake of concocting unlike other alchemists that concoct for pills. He seemed to know Elaru Wayvin to the point Elaru calls him "Uncle Ixos." For some unknown reasons, Ixos had stopped taking patients years ago.

Physical Appearance[]

He is a middle-aged pale man even though he looked sloppy, his handsome features could not be hidden. He wore a white coat and green slippers. His wavy gray hair in an unruly way fall over his face but the strange looking goggles he wore kept his strands of hair from falling. He has dark circles under his eyes from the lack of sleep. His elibu markings are located on the left side of his forehead. He is always seen chewing a burselpine bark like a cigar.


Ixos had an unique personality. He treated rare medical ingredients as priceless possessions but after they are turned to pills or elixirs,he lost all interest in them. He didn't like to display and show the products he made but he enjoyed the process of concocting the medical ingredients. He was a messy and untidy man from the way his clothes and handwriting. Ixos felt most at home in his lab which is the Eryey Headquarter, Halnea.


Elaru Wayvin[]

Ixos viewed Elaru Wayvin somewhat as a niece and they seemed to be close to each other and cared for each other. Elaru often help Ixos collect rare medical ingredients such as Windroot given to him in Episode 24 by Elaru. He also worried for Elaru enrolling into Muni because it was a dangerous place for her to be in.