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Kiel Rroda [kee-yel roh-da] is the male protagonist of Aethernea novel series. He is a non-mage from the Rroda family, one of the 15 noble families. He wishes to attend the Ashar University of Magic, but originally did not meet the requirements due to a limited mana pool size, which largely increased after the Aetherneal Bond.


Kiel's backstory is still not much revealed in the story. He once lived in Ashar before his family told him to move to Beyd. It was hinted in the story that were moments where he felt deja vu. There was also someone whose identity was not mentioned that changed his life and gave him encouragement and strength to become the next Alann Farhice.

Not much was known about his mother but she was confirmed to be dead. In episode 51, she was mentioned that she told Kiel stories about Alann Farhice.

Physical Appearance[]

He has shiny, straight yet slightly messy hair, the color of the midnight sky, the ends of which reached past his chin. His thick locks of deep blue strands on the left side of his face match his icy blue eyes. His skin is pale, smooth and flawless.

He has a strong, lean build, his muscles perfectly sculpted to the right angles. He is also described as rather tall, yet doesn't tower over others.



On the outside he is an easy going and charming person. He always tries to remain calm and collected to keep his good reputation. He is portraying the picture of a perfect noble. On the inside he is filled with disgust towards other people and hates socializing with other people. He is a very thoughtful person that always tries to avoid social life while still keeping up his reputation as prince charming. He has only revealed his 'true nature' to Elaru, who seems to be able to get on his nerves more than most people. However, she always responds in a cheerful, teasing tone, agitating him further.

Kiel Rroda is a self-centered person and most of time only thinks for himself because for most of his life, he only had himself isolated from the rest of his family. Because of the fact he mostly grew up by himself, he is careful when it comes to trusting other people. He also tends to mostly overthink his situation like how he thought the Aetherneal Bond could slowly turn them into monsters.

Because he lacked mana before he met Elaru and being born into a mage family, Kiel trained himself hard everyday to hone his skills to not waste the few mana he had.

Aethernea: Soulbound [Book One][]


Kiel was caught in a battle with a mage manipulating daggers with high-level magic. He was fighting alongside with a girl named Elaru. He worried about her conditions because of how reckless he knew she was,but his worries was misplaced because she hadn't suffer any damage from the battle except the few cuts on her clothes.

He destroyed the mana crystals by blasting high-density bolts of mana when he discovered his opponent mage was using it to empower his daggers. Kiel then tried out his new spell on the mage that crumbled the Zerean ruins which surprised him because he had greatly underestimated its power. He questioned himself on how he was caught up in the situation he was in right now but his answer remained the same: Elaru.

How It All Began Arc[]

Kiel returned from delivery quest by riding on a dragon back to Beyd. Piala greeted him as soon as he climbed off the dragon. Kiel looked at Elaru Wayvin who was staring at him from the canyon from the past week. He returned a package to her for his quest. Even though he disliked her, Kiel responded her kindly and patience even though he could not stand up to her personality. They talked about Elaru who they both noticed had been staring at Kiel. Piala suggested to order peacekeepers to arrest her but Kiel responded her that she must had a good motive to come. Kiel Rroda bid farewell to her and made his way back to his mansion.

On his way going back to his mansion, he sensed a foreign being near him. He remembered the moment his father took him to the forest and capture a small dragon in order to conceal his mana. He was then confronted by Elaru who spoke to him first saying that she came for peace. Kiel asked did she need any help but she responded that she could him become a first class mage and a student in Muni. Kiel tried to deny he didn't want to go to Ashar University of Magic but Elaru knew his passionate love for magic and him being born into a family of first class mages. She exposed the secret that Kiel was trying to hide all this year of the fact that he only had little mana which could only make him a third-class mage at most. He ran away from her and stopped running as soon he ran out of mana and strength.

Elaru was able to catch up to him not even catching her breath. She healed his tired body and explained how his flaws were actually his strengths. For the second time of his life, he felt hopeless and devastating of how terrifying Elaru was able to change his flaws to strengths with only the truth. Elaru told him when she first saw him of the time he threw a tantrum on a tree. She described how beautiful Kiel's mana was and he noticed how Elaru possessed the Aethernea of Sight. She asked him to be her partner for the Aetherneal Bond.

Kiel returned home after they decided to meet at the outskirt of Beyd. He questioned Elaru because he gave her a feeling of uncertainty. The next morning, he dropped by the kitchen to grab a cherry bagel for his breakfast and headed his way toward the place Elaru and he agreed to meet at from last night. He thought about who was Elaru but the more he thought about it, the more questions he had. She was already waiting for him when he arrived. He had many questions for her but she stopped him from continuing and morphed two earth stools for them to sit together.

He thought it was unnecessary but he sat down. Elaru signed an Oath of Truth that only allows her to speak the truth. He gave her several questions about her identity but the only facts he learned in the end were Elaru was a quest seeker that is not under any noble family's banner. He also learned Elaru used her divine sight to pinpoint people's mana.

Elaru Wayvin explained it to him what is the Aetherneal Bond and how it can be activated with an argel and an elibu. Kiel tried to ask her about the bad effects of the bond but Elaru answered with him there was no harm signing the oath. He found himself unable to refuse her offer of the bond because he thought he get many benefits and he also think Elaru would be a useful partner for him in the future.


He is part of the noble Rroda family. They are known for their first-class mages and have the Mana Wyrm as their family emblem to show their grace and tenacity. The novel further elaborates on the following relatives:

Rhur Rroda[]

The relationship between the two brothers were already bad before they even met each other. Kiel disliked his mother and which made him negatively biased toward him as well. Kiel putted Rhur as one of the top people as his "I don't to meet again" list. Even though they extremely hated each other, they acted with fake affection toward each other in the public.

Alaric Rroda[]

Kiel and Alaric Rroda had never met each other officially in the storyline so far beside the flashbacks Kiel recalled, but Kiel Rroda also disliked his father along with the rest of his family. Kiel had never even show his true self to his father nor did his father saw through his mask.

Venric Rroda[]

Even though they had not formally interacted with each other, the grandfather and grandson does not seem to like each other.


Elaru Wayvin[]

Elaru Wayvin is the one he is tied with in the Aetherneal Bond. He revealed his true nature to Elaru because she is one of the first person to ever seen through his mask. At the beginning of the story, Kiel had hard time trusting her just like any other people. Kiel Rroda did not want to be anymore closer to Elaru than being friends, however he wished to not bring any romantic feelings into their relationship. From time to time, Kiel often described Elaru to be beautiful in one way or another. He also suspected Elaru's origin and even expected her to be an intelligence agent from another family spying on him. Kiel also loved the purity Elaru possessed which is freedom to be whoever she wants and do whatever she wants disregarding what others say is something he wished he could have. Throughout the story, Kiel gradually trust more of Elaru to the point he considered an ally in episode 79.


Kiel Rroda hated Piala even though he never truly expressed that hatred to her and only keeping it to himself. He knew she was stalking him for many years and found her annoying.

Abilities and Skills[]

Before he casted the Aetherneal Bond with Elaru Wayvin, he only had very few mana to use but that could make him a third-class mage at most. After the Aetherneal Bond, he was able to unleash his potential and start climbing to be the first class mage he dreamed to be.

  • Mana Control- Because he once had little mana to use, he trained himself to have a 100% utilization rate. He saved every drop of his mana that Elaru described his skill as "true magic."
  • Spell Control- His spell control was considred to be flawless because he could not miss his target when he only had little mana before the Aetherneal Bond. His spells are at maximum effieciency.
  • Mana Weaving- His mana weaving also had no flaws which was able to increase the speed of his spell casting.


  • The name Kiel means "lily of the valley." in Hawaiian.