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Malia, also known as Arena City, is one of the five largest cities in the lands of Halnea. Titled as the most exciting city, it is home to the Tanyer Family as well as the Warlord Hall run by the Tanyer family. (Warlord Hall is the organization running all Arenas in the lands of Halnea.)

Malia is a city with a desert climate, that is situated on top of several plateaus, making the entire city look like a giant tower. The plateaus separate the city into several different regions for different social classes, with the bottom plateau being for the lowest social class, while the top plateau is the residence of the Tanyer family. The Arena of Malia goes straight through the center of the city and connects all plateaus.

Malia is a city of the strong, where strong make the rules. Social class is decided by battle prowess and has nothing to do with nobility or money. Everyone starts from the bottom and has to climb to the top.

Malia is the home of Warlord Academy - a school for all ages that trains students how to fight.