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Piala [pee-yuh-la] is the middle class daughter of a merchant who has been stalking Kiel for years, thinking to be extremely handsome. She was considered a popular student in the Beyd academy.


Piala had been crushing on Kiel Rroda ever since the moment she met him. She had been trying to seduce and stalk Kiel for many years but fail to. She also had a big imagination to believe Kiel also love her too even though he showed no sign of loving her back. She looks down on quest seekers even though Halnea's economy is based on quests even though she is simply a middle-class daughter.

Physical Appearance[]

She was described to have long blonde hair and brown highlights. Kiel also noted that she had a high pitch voice.


How It All Began Arc[]

Piala greeted Kiel when he climbed off the dragon. She tried to flirt Kiel by flipping her blonde hair but it failed to attract him. Piala asked the reason why Kiel was doing quest that she believed was for peasants but Kiel politely pointed out he did not want to use his father's status. She also pointed Elaru Wayvin was looking at him the whole time and be reported to the peacekeepers. Kiel responded that she must had good reasons to be there and they greeted each other farewell soon afterward.


Kiel Rroda[]

He is the prince charming of Piala's dream. She had fallen in love with him at first sight. She found him attractive even by noble standards. Piala also believed Kiel also love her too, but he was too shy to ever ask her. Piala also followed him everywhere through his Beyd days. She also see Kiel as an understanding and gentle man and never actually see the true nature behind his mask.