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The Replica Dungeon is a subspace inside the basement of Muni that is used to hold the Battle Royale test that occurred in Muni's entrance exam. Each floor of the dungeon is a separate dimension that is sustained by the divine artifact created by Luvia Arite. In the Replica Dungeon, everything inside of it is a copy of any existing object. The replicas are exactly identical to the original but these replicas cannot exist outside of the dungeon being sustained by the divine artifact. The artifact only could not replicate the soul which was impossible even for the gods.

When the examiner enters the dungeon, the artifact detach the mind and soul away from the physical body and reattach them to a Replica body of that person. The true body will remain safe inside the basement of the Muni. The artifact will give enough mana for the true body to sustain it until the mind and soul returns back to the body. When the exam is done, the artifact will bring the soul and mind back to the original body.

The exam made the examiner go against nine other replicas in a free for all battle for thirty minutes. It is a death battle but it does not matter because the injuries of the examiners only happened to the replica and not the original body. The examiner must try to defeat as many people as possible in the remaining time. The more people that are left, the lower the score would be. The examiner is given five minutes to prepare themselves for the battle.

The examiner is not notified for who they will fight but the nine other replicas are the previous exam participants. The replicas are a mix of weak people and strong people with different levels of abilities. Based on previous data, four replicas had achieved 15 or higher during the entrance exams. The Replica dungeon remembers everyone that enters the dungeon and replicate them for future exams.