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Rhur Rroda is the older brother of the male protagonist, Kiel Rroda. He is also the appointed heir of the Rroda family. He is currently a student attending Ashar University of Magic.

Physical Appearance[]

His physical appearance is looked identical as his younger brother, Kiel Rroda. Rhur looks so similar to Kiel that they could easily be taken as twins, however Rhur is a few centimeters taller than his younger brother. Being in the Rroda family, he has black hair with vivid blue strands along with his icy blue eyes. The hair of Rhur Rroda was described to be stylishly and neatly falling down to his shoulders.

Rhur is described to wear golden embroidery clothes that show off his superior status. His clothes were loose especially around his neck area revealing his flawless white skin.


Rhur displays himself as a caring and friendly person to the outside world. When he met Kiel in Black Pearl in episode 83, he pretended to be a kind brother to Kiel in front of his date and Elaru Wayvin.

He is very arrogant and also like to show off his wealth. Because he likes to show off, he fell into Elaru's trap for ordering two bottles of Lileron Passion which cost a fortune.

He is charismatic and enchanting as if persuading one to sin with him. Rhur is flirtatious to the point he can flirt with another girl in front of his own date. He is man shown to have a strong sexual desires toward woman he found captivating. When he first saw Elaru's otherworldly beauty, he completely disregarded his date, Ayah Ufabel, and seeked ways to familiarize with Elaru.

Rhur Rroda's greatest fear is to be mistaken as gay, which would make it more difficult for him to pursue women and would also cause him to be pursued by men.