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Rroda family is one of the 15 noble families. Their main source of income is the Azure Tower, which is a General Quest Lodge. One of their representatives is among the current Council of Seven.

They are allied with the Killian and Reysic families, together leading the Chamber of Commerce. Although allied with the Killian Family, their relationship is tense because they have been internally competing for the position of the leader of the Chamber of Commerce.


Thousand of years ago, when the Rroda first established they chose a Mana Wyrm as their animal because the animal represents their tenacity, grace, and refinement that makes them greater than all the rest.


Venric Rroda - Current family head, grandfather of Kiel and Rhur

Alaric Rroda - Father of Kiel & Rhur, he is also one of the councilman in the Council of Seven

Kiel Rroda - The protagonist of Aethernea web novel

Rhur Rroda - Older brother of Kiel Rroda, future family head