The Rroda Mansion in Beyd is a big two stories high building made out of the same orange canyon rock as the houses in upper Beyd. This manor belongs to the Rroda Family but the only member of the Rroda living in there was Kiel Rroda. Many mana wyrms, the creature that represented the Rroda family, are carved out in the frames of the windows, doors, and fences giving it an irregular shape displaying in all kind of different poses.

The rock the house was made out of was appealing to the eyes because of the color. It was manipulated by transmutation magic to create a beautiful shapes resembling real Mana Wyrms. Everywhere on the walls, hundreds of wyrms are slithering in perfect harmony with the green vines growing from the roof, down the sides of the mansion. The green-orange contrast made the leaves and wyrms standing out even more.

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