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Ruyle [Roo-yel] family is an argel noble family. They specialize in everything related to creatures, such as hunting, breeding, taming, training and raising beasts. They own Monster Alliance - a guild and a quest lodge dedicated to all things related to creatures, as well as other creature related businesses such as dragon racing tracks, shéfur farms and Rent-a-dragon offices. They are one of the largest, most influential and most prosperous noble families. They are also a member of the Lifeblood League.

Their signature animal that is represented on their crest is a Spiritbeast, an ethereal creature that is a shapeshifter and can transform into other creatures.

The more important members of the family are given a pair of divine heirloom accessories that allow the user to appoint a familiar. Ruyles and their familiar can communicate telepathically and feel each other's emotions better. 

Visual Features

  • Most family members have bronze skin color
  • Most family members wear fur and leather clothes
  • Family members who have had their Coming of Age Ceremony have painted vivid markings on their bodies resembling the markings seen on bodies of magical creatures
  • Members with the purest bloodline can manifest an illusory animal body part such as tail, horns, wings, extra ears, etc. in moments of emotional agitation - Beast Bloodline Manifestation.

Customs and Belief

Ruyle family prays to the spirits of nature and worships divine creatures of legends.

They have a strong respect for nature and its creatures, advocating against animal cruelty. While they regard death as something natural to the cycle of life, they abhor meaningless killing. When they take a life of a creature they thank it for its sacrifice and pray for its spirit to return back to nature.

Ruyles don't bury their deceased but rather, burn their bodies and return their ashes to nature, scattering them in their Sacred Valley. Deceased familiars are also treated as family members and their ashes are scattered in the Sacred Valley.  

Names of deceased family members and familiars with significant contributions are carved onto World Childtree, a large tree growing inside the Sacred Valley. World Childtree is a tree that grew out of a root taken from the World Tree of Eeneva Family which is why it is named as a Childtree.  

Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley is a restricted area inside the Ruyle mainhouse in Aelesia. It is an idyllic place filled with greenery and a crystal clear pond.  

Ruyles come to the Sacred Valley to pray, scatter the ashes of their deceased members and hold various ceremonies such as Coming of Age Ceremony.  

Coming of Age Ceremony

When a Ruyle family member chooses his familiar, a Coming of Age ceremony is held. The member has to be at least 14 years of age for the ceremony to be held.  

During the ceremony, the protagonist of the ceremony gets vividly colored markings painted onto their body and chooses his spirit name. The markings are modeled after markings seen on magical creatures and the member going through the ceremony can choose his own markings. Usually, members choose either markings as seen on divine creatures of legend or they choose to wear markings similar to markings seen on their familiar. If the member in question is able to cause a Beast Bloodline Manifestation, he usually chooses markings from a beast from which the illusory body part came from.  

Spirit name is a second name that is used from then onwards, while their original name becomes something only used by closest people to the person in question. The chosen second name has to contain a term related to a creature and a wish or a positive trait.  

Example spirit names: Lightfeather, Freebird, Shadowclaw, ...  

During this ceremony, the more important members of the family are bestowed with Soulpair Artifacts which are then used to establish a true familiar-master bond.  


Ruyles have a custom of appointing a creature as their familiar with which they have a close relationship, like that of kin. They are usually inseparable and loyal to each other. It is a taboo for a familiar to be used as a tool and something Ruyles don't tolerate. Ruyles very rarely change their familiar, usually only if their previous familiar died.  

Members in possession of Soulpair artifacts are able to create a true familiar-master bond with their familiar that allows them to sense each other's thoughts and emotions. If a member is in possession of Soulpair artifacts, he might occasionally appoint a temporary familiar, in cases when they need short services of another creature that would require being able to communicate with it telepathically, such as for the purposes of winning a contest or a battle. Once the event is over, the Soulpair Familiar artifact is returned to their familiar.  

Members of the family that show promise are allowed to create their own Chimera beast using the Ruyle family's divine artifact Chimera Nucleus. In such a case, the Ruyle member will choose to appoint a self-created Chimera as his familiar.  

Beast Bloodline Manifestation

Ruyle family members with the highest bloodline purity can display a special peculiarity when they are agitated - their mana involuntarily coalesces into an extra illusory animal body part such as horns, tails, wings, ears, etc. Ruyle in question can then control that mana construct as if it was a real appendage, for example, if it coalesces into a tail, the Ruyle can move it around like a real tail. This extra mana construct often causes light phenomena to occur which makes the appendage visible even to the naked eye.  

This illusory body part is made out of dense mana so it can be used to break spells and is even able to inflict damage to physical objects with lower mana tolerance, including mages whose bodies aren't yet reached a significant level of mana tempering.  


Aura Control

Over the years, Ruyles have developed many techniques of controlling the emotions and intent carried through their aura which would allow them to tame or calm down creatures and form bonds of friendship with them. Unlike other noble families, Ruyles are taught to let their emotions free. This practice is helpful in increasing the emotional intensity of their aura and the honesty of their actions make it easier for them to connect with animals.

Due to the uncontrolled emotions released from Ruyles, they are good at riling up the crowd, or causing terror in their enemies.

Soulpair Artifacts

Divine artifacts left by the ancestor god of the Ruyle family. These artifacts come in form of a Master-Familiar pair of various accessories. Master accessory is worn by the member of the Ruyle family, while the Familiar accessory is worn by the creature chosen by that member as his familiar. These paired accessories allow the master and his familiar to feel each other's emotions and share thoughts. The master has the ability to control his familiar (familiar has to voluntarily submit) or tap into their senses.

The exact number of Soulpair accessories in possession of the Ruyle family is unknown.

Chimera Nucleus

Divine artifact left by the ancestor god of the Ruyle family. This artifact that resembles a glowing large egg is nested inside the World Childtree, cradled by numerous vines of the tree.

Ruyles that are recognized by their family for their abilities or significant contribution to the family are allowed to use it to create their own Chimera beast. This is done by bringing several different creatures to the Chimera Nucleus for it to extract their essence blood. The artifact is then able to combine beast bloodlines of brought different creatures to create a Chimera creature that will have features of multiple different beast species. Most of the time, the selected features are the best of each species making Chimeras incredibly powerful. Although incredibly powerful, the only way for Chimeras to create offspring is by using the Chimera Nucleus, using an existing Chimera as a basis for a new Chimera.

After the nucleus of the Chimera is formed, the Chimera needs to be incubated inside the Chimera Nucleus for varying amount of time before it is able to hatch into a baby Chimera. The stronger the bloodline of the incubating baby Chimera, the longer period of time is needed for it to hatch. This can take up to a dozen of years, which is why only the most gifted members of the family are allowed to create their own Chimera. Creating one's own Chimera is considered the greatest honor every member of the Ruyle family dreams of.

While Chimera is incubating inside the artifact, the owner of the Chimera will often come to feed it with its mana to make the creature get accustomed to their mana and recognize them as their parent. Such a Chimera will never betray their owner.

Although each Chimera is unique, all of them have a single thing in common - they are able to change their body size and weight. This makes it easy for the Chimera to nestle in its owner's lap and follow them everywhere, even though the actual body size of the creature might be several stories high.

Mana Purification Artifacts

Just like every noble family, Ruyles are also in possession of an unknown number of Mana Purification Artifacts.


  • Monster Alliance - a quest lodge and guild dealing with creature related tasks and creature raisers and tamers.
  • Monster Airace - division of the Monster Alliance that organizes air races and tournaments on backs of various creatures
  • Monster Transport - division of the Monster Alliance that offers a posting and goods and people transportation service through the usage of monsters
  • Monster Battle - division of the Monster Alliance that runs creature battles, contests, and tournaments in the Arena. Collaboration with the Tanyer Family.
  • Rent-a-dragon offices - shops allowing people to rent dragons used for personal transportation
  • Creature Farms - Ruyle family alongside its branch families has many farms where various creatures are raised. Some of the creatures raised on farms:
    • Shéfur - raised for their fur
    • Porklings - source of pork meat
    • Cluckling - for poultry meat and eggs
    • Baffamoot - for beef meat and milk
    • Meep - for wool, milk, and meat

Family Members

??? - Family Head, Male

??? - Member of the Council of 7, Wife of the Family Head

??? - Heir, Daughter of the Family Head, Age: 18

??? - Cousin to the heir, Student of Muni, Female, Age: 19

Founding Ancestor

Besides his name of Ruyle, not much is known about the founding ancestor of the Ruyle family. Ruyles themselves believe that he was a divine Spiritbeast which is why members of his bloodline are able to manifest various illusionary beast body parts. It is also rumored that this ancestor had a romantic relationship to the founding ancestor of the Eeneva family which is why the latter had gifted the Ruyle family with a Worldtree sapling.

Branch Families

Families with blood relations to the Ruyle family.



Orie Tonrai - Assistant professor at Muni. Served as an examiner for Elaru on Muni's entrance exam, practical exam.

Ahon Tonrai - Assistant professor at Muni. Signed up Kiel for Muni entrance exams.