A spell is defined to be a distortion in reality that use their mana to utilize. If a spell is complete, the spell can have complete control over it. A spell is created when the mana was woven into a particular pattern. To use a spell, the spell needed to be control by a mage until it expires and disappear. In the land of Halnea, there are countless of different spells waiting to be used.

Types of Magic Edit

Transmutation Edit

Transmutation is one of the four types of magic used in Halnea. It could only be cast by elibu.

Augmentation Edit

Augmentation is one of the four types of magic used in Halnea. It could be cast by argel.

Arcane Edit

Arcane is a rare type of magic that requires pure mana to be used. One must be able to perform both transmutation and augmentation magic. Arcane magic can also be used by wielding a mana purifying artifact.

Aetherneal Edit

Aetherneal is a type of magic that can only be used by the gods themselves. It is considered "True Magic" because it bends all other laws of magic.

Ranks Edit

Each spell has a level varying from 1 to 15 depending on the difficulty and skills of the spell itself.

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