Spellcrafting is a process of creating new spells or changing the existing spells. It is considered as a hard process because magic itself is language defined by many laws and mysterious principles. Spell pattern is a sentence written in that mysterious language. The sentence is made of multiple spell fragments weaved together to create a meaningful sentence. There are words in the language of magic that can be used alone to form a sentence but there are also words that hold meaning only when combined with other words. One must understand the language of magic very well to form meaningful sentences.

Those words are spell fragments are the basic building blocks of magic. Legend say that the very first spell fragments were used by the gods. The mana of a god weaves itself and is able to use all type of magic while mortals had to have a deep understanding of magic and needed creativity in order to spellcraft. In the land of Halnea, master spellcrafters are as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns.

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