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Tanyer [Tan-yi-er] Family is an argel noble family of warlocks with headquarters in Malia (Arena City). They specialize in everything combat related and own a guild - Warlord Hall, that runs Arenas all over Halnea. Warlord Hall also owns a battle training camp in Malia called Battle Academy

Due to the strict hierarchy and rules, as well as harsh training and punishments, Tanyer is the family with the highest battle power of the 15 noble families. This has allowed them to act as hegemons of an entire city that is among the 5 biggest cities - Malia.

Tanyer family is among the trio of most powerful noble families, alongside Arites and Etezzas, that never lost their position in the Council of 7. Tanyers and Arites are known for being on tense terms. They have a strong rivalry and mutually restrain each other. Tanyers don't send their children to Muni, and Arites don't send their offspring to Battle Academy. Tanyer's don't join the Purge, and Arites don't join the Warlord Hall as warlocks.

Visual Features

  • Some family members with the purest Tanyer bloodline have glowing golden-orange-red eyes that resemble fire or lava
  • Some family members have hair that is sensitive to their aura which manifests to it appearing as if it has a life of its own, moving around without wind when the owner is experiencing strong emotions

Customs and Beliefs

Tanyers believe in the survival of the fittest, only those with power have the right to speak. They revere the strong and worship their ancestor as the God of War. The entire Arena City is ruled by this principle - "there is no rich and poor, only strong and weak". The right to live in better city districts, money and status, everything is earned through battle and personal power. Arena City is the paradise for the powerful, and hell for the weak.

Family Name

Tanyers are liberal with their family name and more than willing to adopt extraordinary warlocks into their family, bestowing them with a noble status and Tanyer for a last name. This is, however, more of an honorary title, for the adopted Tanyers can't pass on their last name to their children. Their children have to earn the title of a Tanyer. Tanyers don't discriminate based on age or gender and there exist even elibu adopted Tanyers.

Although children of non-adopted, "true" Tanyers inherit their last name, Tanyers have very harsh requirements for their members and those that cannot meet those requirements are either expelled from the family, having to change their last name, or married off.

Name "Tanyer" is a brand, a synonym for absolute power. No member is allowed to sully the supreme reputation of the Tanyer family. Punishments for mistakes are harsh, making the family resemble an army camp rather than an actual family.

Right of Succession

The title of the family head is passed to the most powerful warlock in the family. If the most powerful member of the family isn't willing to become the family head, the position is passed to the next most powerful.

For years it has been rumored that in the Tanyer family, the position of the family head isn't the number one position of authority. That there exists, a person above the family head, the Progenitor, which is the true monarch of the Tanyer family with absolute authority and power.

It is said that the Progenitor is a mysterious person who rarely appears in public and seldom meddles in the affairs of the family.

Blood Rites

Blood Rites indicate recognition and acceptance from the Tanyer family and is a ceremony that every Tanyer family member has to go through before being considered as a full-fledged Tanyer. Members that inherited Tanyer family name through their parents need to be accepted by the Tanyer family before the age of 24, performing these rites, otherwise, they will be expelled from the family.

Expelled family members have a chance to redeem themselves, showing their true worth to reclaim their Tanyer name, which is not limited by age. Upon doing so, they would be accepted back into the family and be able to participate in the Blood Rites.

Adopted members are recognized by the Tanyer family and invited into their family. If they choose to accept, they will need to perform Blood Rites to finalize their adoption.

Blood Rites is a ceremony that requires the family member in question to bathe in the Blood Pool. Blood Pool is a divine heirloom of the Tanyer family. It is literally a pool of magical blood that is highly beneficial to the entire body. Its effects are extreme, impossible to achieve with any known medicine, one could go as far as calling the process "remaking" the body.

Bathing in this pool is excruciating, feeling as if one was being fried alive, and is considered as the final test as well as a priceless gift. Those that cannot take the pain don't have the right to become members of the Tanyer family.

Benefits of bathing in the Blood Pool include:

  • Increased lifespan
  • Stronger, more flexible and more durable flesh
  • Increased toughness of bones
  • Increase of body's self-healing properties
  • Increase of mana tolerance and decrease of mana resistance
  • Smooth and fair skin

Warlord Hall & Funerals

All members recognized as worthy of Tanyer family name have their names carved inside the Warlord Hall, which is a room that the entire guild is named after. Warlord Hall is a hall of fame containing statues, paintings, and names of the most powerful warlocks that ever lived.

When a member whose name is carved inside the Warlord Hall dies, the entire Tanyer family holds a grand funeral with standing ovation and burns their body on a giant ceremonial pyre.


Tanyers have a vast heritage of martial arts, weapon arts and battle magic.

Their Aetherneal artifacts include the Blood Pool, several Aetherneal Weapons and Memory artifacts that ensure that no one dies or is disabled while fighting in the Arena.

Family Members

  •  ??? - Boy seen in Kiel's flashback in Episode 68
  •  ??? - Man seen in Kiel's flashback in Episode 68, claims to be the boy's great great great great (and so forth) grandfather. Suspected to be the fabled Progenitor.
  •  ??? - Family Head, Male

Former Members

??? Rroda - Rhur's mother, married to Alaric Rroda (Kiel's and Rhur's father)