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Venric Rroda is the grandfather of Rhur Rroda and Kiel Rroda and is currently the head of the Rroda Family, one of the fifteen noble families. He is the man that ordered men to prevent his grandson, Kiel Rroda, from taking the Muni exams to the point he even hired a shadow, but his plan had failed to execute as he hoped it did.

Physical Appearance[]

Due to his old age, his black-blue hair had almost turned completely white. Like the members of the Rroda, he had piercing icy blue eyes. He seen often with a chillingly cold expression on his face. He is also described to have pale skin, beard and mustache that made him looked imposing


Venric Rroda can be described as a "demon in human skin" described by Clem who was terrified to even speak with him in episode 27. He was a cold man that hardly express any emotion on his face. Since he is the head of a noble family, he spoke with confidence and fearsome power. He was described to be cunning, efficient, decisive, and ruthless that he believed was required for the head of the Rroda family. He also seemed to have a short temper even though he always wear an emotionless mask on his face. He also does not show any mercy to anybody even if they are his family.


He is the head of the Rroda family. They are known for their first-class mages and have the Mana Wyrm as their family emblem to show their grace and tenacity. The novel further elaborates on the following relatives: