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Wade Wayvin is Elaru Wayvin's distant cousin that has not yet to be appeared in the storyline except in Elaru's memories.

Physical Appearance[]

In episode 16 that is a flashback of Wade and Elaru when they are children no older than seven, Wade has lime green eyes that resembled a feline. He has blonde hair and also short black hair growing from the back of his head. His skin is tan like Elaru and has his elibu markings on the back of his neck and back. Some part of his markings could also be seen on his cheeks.


Not much is not known by his personality so far but Wade seemed to be slightly perverted. In episode 13, Elaru recalled that Wade always seems to grab Elaru's breasts when he slept with her.

From Elaru's flashback in episode 16, he believed that the value of life differs from person to person by how important they are to society and people around them. At a young age, he showed no immaturity and view the world like an adult.


Most of his family is still unknown beside Elaru Wayvin.

  • Distant cousin, Elaru Wayvin

Elaru Wayvin[]

Wade and Elaru Wayvin grew up together to the point Wade viewed her more than a sibling. He believed life is not worth living without Elaru in it. He'd rather die with her than live alone in a sanctuary. In episode 16, Elaru put her life in danger saving two non-mages; Wade felt extremely helpless fearing that she would die at any moment. He wanted to do everything with her like sharing her burdens. He treasured Elaru and viewed her as the light to his life. At the end of the episode, he promised to follow her wherever she goes and vowed to never let her leave him behind.