Aethernea Wikia

The Warlord Hall is the center of entertainment for all age groups from young to old. It is normally refer as The Arena. The Arena has a total of thirty floors. Each of the floors is separated by ranks of warlocks and type of events they are participating in. It is the only place on Halnea where killing and hurting others is legal. A divine artifact is stored in each Arena that reverts bodies back to their previous state no matter how severely they were wounded in the battle. There are only few divine artifacts with an effect needed for an Arena, that's why Arenas are only in the biggest of the citys.

The Arena is run by the Tanyer noble Family. The Arena is not a tower that grows upward but a pit that goes deep underground. When an earthquake occurres in the city, most people make jokes that it was caused by an intense battle in the Arena.

Choosing the Matches[]

People could watch the matches after they bought the ticket from the reception hall. Daily tickets are sold to specific floors allowing audience to watch regular matches. There are also special tickets that feature special events and famous warlocks. The tickets of famous warlocks could reach a high price and nobles often were seen fighting for seats in the front row.

There are several types of battles for audience to choose from as the following: one vs. one fight and team battles that can go from 2 vs. 2 up to 8 vs. 8. Tournaments and restricted battles impose limitations on what types of magic the mages could use in the match. There is even a special battle format where a large number of mages could fight each other all at once.