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Zerel Reysic is an elibu and one of the profesor of the Ashar University of MagicZerel Reysic is a member of the great noble Reysic Family, who claimed to be archeologists, historians and explorers. He is currently a professor of the Ashar University of Magic and he is paired with Deora Thayn to judge the students passing the entry exams of the University of Magic.

Physical Appearance[]

He has dark purple hair dropping past his shoulders in an uneven way, a narrow golden eyes that made him look like a vulpy or a lunar in humanoid form, and an impish smile gave the finishing touches to his feline lazy but playful vibe. He wore a dark green long robe with many golden and purple patterns that has wide patterns. It was a crossover between a kimono and a long coat.


Zerel Reysic is nothing but a man of mischief. He is always looking for troubles like an entertainment however he never gets himself in trouble and always get Deora in trouble instead of him.


He had many authorities on several different topics from ancient language and culture to the survival in the wilderness which was why he was referred as "Walking Encyclopedia."


  • In episode 38 during Elaru's exam, Elaru Wayvin seemed to know Zerel Reysic.