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Zor Arite was the previous heir to the argel branch of the Arite Noble Family. He was the future head of The Purge and considered to be one of the best members they ever had, exploring more uncharted areas of the forbidden zone than everyone else in the last century.

He was considered to be the leader of the golden generation of the Ashar University of Magic (also known as Muni), achieving a perfect score in the 1428 A.W Muni exams. His replica saved in the Replica Dungeon is said to be the most powerful that one could have to face in the battle royale section of the Muni entrance exams.

He died in 1431 A.W at the age of 22 during an expedition with The Purge, sacrificing himself to delay an extremely powerful Tainted so that his men could escape. His funeral was said to be one of the biggest events of the decade and a monument in his memory was later erected in front of The Purge’s headquarters.

He created the Seed of Aegis in 1427 A.W.

Physical Appearance[]

He was tall with tanned skin. He had a long and wild mane of dark red hair, speckled with strands of pure gold. His eyes were coloured a matching gold.


He had an unpredictable battle style as he was proficient in all kinds of different magic spells.

Like all Arites he was able to harness pure mana, also being skilled in arcane magic especially spatial magic.

Examples of specific abilities:

  • Spatial blade – An offensive application of spatial magic that involves sending a ripple through space like a sword slash, which split whatever is passed through.
  • Magic Concealing – He was able to hide his use of spatial blade, showing his ability in magic concealing, the act of preventing others from detecting his spells with their mana sense.
  • Teleportation – He can teleport anywhere within an area he has enveloped with his spell roots or to a teleport point which he has set up prior.
  • Spatial barrier – A defensive application of spatial magic. He could protect himself with a barrier through which only metaphysical things like mana and mind could pass through.


Rine Arite[]

Rine was his Aetherneal Bond soulmate. They were very close and she was greatly affected by Zor’s death, spending most of her time since secluded in the Arite mainhouse. Zor’s replica also shows an interest as to what happened to her when encountering Kiel Rroda during the 1449 A.W Muni entrance exams.